Friday, July 10, 2009

Geography Lesson

*You are entering into conversations bits throughout this past week. Be careful - this may scare you!*

Conversation #1:
Me: New Mexico. Now that wouldn't be a bad place to live.
Kayla: But you can't speak Spanish. You wouldn't survive there.
Me: New Mexico is in the UNITED STATES!
Kayla: Oh. I thought it was somewhere in Mexico.

Conversation #2:
Me: Rachel may get to visit Brazil.
Kayla: Brazil. Where's that?
Me: In South America.
Kayla: Which America do we live in?
Me: Seriously? You are asking me that? We live in North America.

Conversation #3:
Kayla: That's a cool license plate. They are from Saskatchewan. Where's that?
Me: In Canada.

And that folks, is the California education system at it's finest. :)

*And for the sake of my sister.....she really is smart....geography just isn't her subject!*

*And yes. I have a desire to move again. I just don't know where. I have the whole world full of possiblities. Any ideas? ....and California is not an option!*