Monday, September 17, 2012

Second Chances

"Thank you for giving me a second chance..."

A student's grateful response ignites my memory of all the second chances God has given me. 

Why am I so quick to disqualify someone, child or adult, the moment I deem something wrong?  If God gave me the same treatment that I give others, I would have been estranged from Him long ago.  But thankfully, I serve a merciful God who gives second chances, third chances and more.  He longs for my heart to be united with Him.  And when I come to Him in humbleness for my actions, He forgives, forgets and refines.

Change comes from pain sometimes.  And the lesson this kiddo had to learn was a simple one, yet profound.  And his thank you is a fresh reminder that second chances are just that...another opportunity to strive for something different.  To strive for a change within that will show outwardly.

I am in need of second chances.  And so are those around me.  Let this be my reminder to humbly go forth always seeking to change and be refined by my Master Creator.  Let it also be a reminder that those around me need my forgiveness and second chances as well...