Saturday, May 09, 2015

Deep Cleaning

I like for my home to be tidy and for things to be tucked away.  Clean counters, no visible clutter, that's what my eyes want to see - everything in its place. But, open a drawer and might see a disaster! Things thrown into the drawers, or even the linen and coat closet! Complete disorder...hidden away where no one else can see it.

I think my life is like that sometimes too. By appearances, I might look like I have it together. The smile may be on my face, the make-up covering blemishes or tired eyes...yet under that smile is pain that no one knows about. If you dig deeper than what you see, you might find brokenness and loneliness within my heart. And I know I'm not the only one like this.

There are moments where I look into people's eyes and I see past what is presented and God gives me a glimpse into their heart and the pain hidden there.

What would the world be like if we stopped hiding our deepest needs and started being transparent with those we trust? Healing would come. Freedom would invade and God's glory would be known.

I desire to stop hiding behind this facade and I want to be real, be authentic. I want healing, I want freedom. I want to face this loneliness and brokenness head-on; no more tucking it away. It's time to bring it to the battle lines and fight through it - to press on towards the work God has for me.

So how about you? Is it time to take out the deep cleaning supplies....God's Word, and prayer and press on into Him?