Sunday, May 12, 2013

Deployments are tough

Living in a military town, you experience a lot of things most people may not.  One such thing is dealing with a deployment.  Right now, I am running three deployment groups for about 15 kiddos whose father (and a mother) are deployed overseas.  One little third grader was having a particularly rough day...and so she wrote out her thoughts.  Here's some insight into just how tough it is living in a military family.  Please keep these kiddos in your prayers.

*All spelling and punctuation kept how the kiddo wrote it.  And all names have been omitted.

Dear Daddy,
I miss you like I'm gonna die, and we're only a month in.  Please get the first flight back.  Or come home early like the insert different family name dad did.  Either way, I want you home, and fast.  I want to see you.  And not over skype or even over a regular webcam.  I want to feel your big, warm, hands.  I need to hug you like neither of us can let go.  Just thinking about you makes me feel extemely upset.  Yes, this paper is stained of tears.  I'm coming close to my last week of deployment group.  It'll be two months into fourth grade when you come home.  Why did you leave in the first place?  I mean, know it's your dudy as insert rank here, but you know this hurts me, siblings names, and even mom.  Next time, could you ask politely not to go?  For me?  Anyway I hope you recive this letter and that you can reply.
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