Sunday, March 16, 2014

People are Watching...

People watch you whether you realize it or not.  They watch how you act, what you do, what you say, how you serve others.  We cannot prevent people from watching our lives.  But we can examine how we are living out our faith and what we may be saying about God through our actions, words and choices. 

This past week I have heard stories and witnessed some amazing things with the kiddos that I work with.  Just yesterday, I attended a baptism of three students from our school.  And earlier this week I heard one of the students who was to be baptized sharing with one of his friends what baptism is and what it means....and he is only in 3rd grade!  I also heard stories from teachers about a kindergartner praying to Jesus and repenting of her sins and becoming a child in His Kingdom...and of a first grader sharing with his younger sister about Jesus and what it means to follow Him.  These children are not hindered by what others think!  They know the truth and they openly share it.  They seize the opportunity in front of them and with child-like faith, they share the love of God with those within their realm of influence.  Those three students that were baptized invited their whole class to the baptism.  The brother shares his faith with his sister.  The kindergartner shares her desire to follow God with her teacher.  By the actions, words and choices these students are making, lives are being impacted!

Now I know some may be saying "Well that's easy to do when you work in a Christian environment".  True.  But, all of this made me begin to wonder about my actions, my words and my choices that I was making while working in the public education system for 9 years.  Did my life look any different than those who do not know Jesus?  Or did I just blend in?  And...when I join back in the public education system later this year...will I take what God has been showing me these last 6 months and allow it change me so that I am a light for Him no matter where I go? 

What I am learning is that it doesn't matter where you work or who is in your realm of influence.  What matters is how you are choosing to live for Him through your actions, words, thoughts, deeds, service and love for others.  You can work in the public education system, you can be in the military, or work in an audiologist office, work from home, or be a stay at home parent.  It does not matter.  There are people within your reach that are watching how you choose to live for Him.  So what are you saying about God through your life?

I am challenged.  I am examining how I live and if Christ is shining through me or if I am letting my desire to blend in get in the way.  I want to have the child-like faith that I have seen this week.  I want to allow God to shine through me to those that I am around.  I want to be available no matter where I am or who I am around, so that God can use me to influence His Kingdom.  I want my actions, words, choices and love to be an example of His love for people.

What about you?  What do people see when they watch you?