Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Throw Out the Agenda!

I've been here in Kansas City for over a month now.  Longer than I anticipated...by a few weeks!  I assumed that I would arrive here, spend about two weeks with my dear friend, be refreshed at World Revival Church and then be on my way to Brazil. 

I came here with my agenda; but God's agenda prevailed.

God wasn't after my "hurry-up-and-get-to-Brazil" method.  He was after my heart.  The pain that I've hidden so deep within...the pain that I thought I had dealt with (but was actually running from)...He made me face it.  IS making me face it.  He is bringing it out in the open to let "the air get to the wounds" (thanks Pastor Steve for that analogy!)  Thankfully, I am not alone while I go through this process.  God has brought me to a safe place where my pain can be exposed, and with people who though they may not even know me, will pray with me for the healing and the restoring power of our Savior.  I am in a safe place.  I am in this place not so I can hurry-up and get to Brazil, but so that God can heal and mend the deep recesses of pain that I've run from.  I came here with my agenda.  God brought me here for His.

It's more about the process of God taking someone broken before Him, and allowing Him to heal and bring Life to the depths of the heart, mind, soul and body....for His purpose and His ultimate glory.

When the time comes to go to Brazil, God will have used this period of waiting in Kansas City to not only refresh me, but heal and build up my faith for the work that lays ahead.  My faith has been strengthened.  His Word has been made clear to my heart. And healing has begun for this broken vessel.