Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Monday may have won today, but my dukes are up and I'm stillfighting!!!!

Sleep eludes me. It shouldn't after the Monday I've had, and yet it does.  And as I lay here wishing the sandman would visit, I'm left pondering so many things and being overwhelmed with gratitude.

I'm grateful that everyone made it out safely. I'm grateful that the firemen went into my apartment hours later and found my cat, still alive and well. I'm grateful that quite a few of my belongings are already in Arkansas. I'm grateful for friends, who just happen to be the family I work with, supporting me throughout it all today. And that they went shopping for things I didn't even know I needed (like tweezers for those pesky chin hairs).

And I lay here overwhelmed. It's hard to think about all the things that were lost today. Grandma's and great-grandma's paintings. Family furniture. Tokens of memories from Brazil and my other travels. All of my favorite clothes and shoes. Even medicine, contacts and glasses and essential oils. My Bible.

You never know what you need until it's gone. Like my phone dying but my charger is buried under water and smoke. Or the paperwork for the house I'm buying. Or my car title that I had just received. Diplomas. My computer that housed my checkbook (that could spell trouble soon!). Blankets my mom made for me. Or how about when I walked in to the gym because I needed something normal, and realized all I had were the clothes on me and the boots I was wearing (and I just simply walked on that treadmill as is!).  And good grief....I need hair stuff! And face moisturizer. And sports bras again. Ugh!!!!

But really, it's all just stuff.  I know that grief will come in waves, and I also know the way for me to press on is to remember and recall all the things I can be grateful for.

1. A to call home this next month.
2. My cat asleep at my feet.
3. Everyone is safe!
4. Daniel coming up here to help.
5. My workplace that is family.
6.  Friends who actually like to shop and know my style (I despise shopping...and now I have a lot of it ahead of me)
7.  Things can be replaced (just with effort).
8. Renters insurance
9. I wasn't at home when that fire broke out!
10. God is still God and He's still good!!!!!!
11. It will all be ok.

Thank all for your prayers and support. My phone and Facebook have exploded today. I cannot respond to everything and everyone because it's just overwhelming at the moment, but know I appreciate it all. Thank you!!!!

Now Mr. Sandman....please come pay me a visit!