Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baal Perazim

"When the Philistines heard that David had been anointed king over all Israel, they went up in full force to search for him..."

1 Chronicles 14:8

David was anointed by God for a purpose...to be king over His people so that God's people would know Him. But with that anointing, came opposition from the enemy. In this case, the Philistines. And it wasn't just one or two coming against David...but the full force. All. And what does he do? He goes out to meet them...

"...but David heard about it and went out to meet them."

1 Chronicles 14:8

I'm not so sure I'd have that courage, even if God told me to. One person against a full force?! No thank you!! But David is a better person than I am. Instead of fear or choosing to cower in a corner, he inquires of God. Now that's a smart man! I have something to learn from him!

"...so David inquired of God: 'Shall I go and attack the Philistines? Will you hand them over to me?' The Lord answered him, 'Go, I will hand them over to you.'"

1 Chronicles 14:10

But it gets even better...

"So David and his men went up to Baal Perazim and there he defeated them."

1 Chronicles 14:11

Sweet! God said David would be victorious and he was. But that's not what has my mind in a state of percolation. Instead, I'm focused on Baal Perazim. Do you know what it means? Good. Neither did I. So I looked it up...and it means "the Lord who breaks out".

Hmmmm...."the Lord who breaks out". Now the switch in my brain has been turned on. What are areas in my life where God needs to break out, where I need to relinquish control, where I need to stop looking at the circumstances and simply trust Him? Or, what are areas that He's already brought break through but I'm still not choosing to fully trust Him? Where have I let the enemy attack me again? Or...what are the things that God is wanting to break through in right now, but I'm too busy over analyzing it or I am trying to tell Him "No, I'm not ready"... See my state of percolation...all these questions...and no clear answers. Yet.

But moving on...(I really could camp there all day)...Look what happened to David after that victory...

"Once more the Philistines raided the valley; so David inquired of God again..."

1 Chronicles 14:13-14

Do you see what I see? God had already defeated the Philistines for David, already granted victory. And what do the Philistines do? Come back for more...glutton for punishment if you ask me! And yet that's exactly what our enemy does. he tries to defeat us and if he doesn't win, he tries again and again and again. His goal is to crush us. But if you look closely at what David did, you'll find the key to ultimate victory.

David inquired of God...again. He didn't wallow, whine, complain or pitch a fit like I'm prone to do. He instead went to God to inquire of His next move. And God didn't disappoint. He clearly stated what David was to do to gain the final victory (1 Chronicles 14:14-17).

What a lesson for me to have to grasp! There are things that I know God has called me to, and the enemy has attacked and God has brought victory....He has broken out. And yet, when the enemy attacks again, instead of turning back to God, I desire to throw my hands up and wave the white flag. But if God is the one who breaks out victory, who is the Baal Perazim, I need to stand steadfast in trusting Him in that valley no matter how many times the enemy tries to defeat me. I must inquire of God and let His power win the victory for me!

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