Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lessons Learned

1.  Cell phones in school = torture

2.  Kids are struggling so much more than I ever imagined; and with things that I never fathomed.

3.  I love all of my students and I will miss them dearly next year.

4.  With Christ, all things truly are possible.  I can stand up under pressure as long as I am standing firm in Him.

5.  I miss the days where passing a note in class was the worst offense...and the dreaded moment the teacher caught it and read it aloud to the class. 

6.  Did I mention my distaste for cell phones in schools?  Both for the staff and kids?

7.  People...not just kids, do not know how to effectively communicate with one another anymore.

8.  People are able to hide things more than I thought...behind smiles, technology, and staying busy.  And I am just as guilty of that.

9.  Self-esteem issues in girls hasn't changed.  The things I struggle with are the same things my kiddos struggle with, just at varying degrees.  I need to recognize that and find ways to encourage them to fight that negative battle raging within their heads...and to fight that battle that rages regarding boys.  Ugh!

10.  Even when standing in Him, the tears will come.  The pain doesn't hide.  But the pain draws me closer to Him. 

11.  Ben & Jerry's may not fix the problem, but it sure does taste good!

12.  Laughter and pain can occur in the same moment.  What are you going to do with it all though?  That's what matters.  You going to drown in the pain, or find healing in the laughter?

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Terry said...

So correct and insightful of you!