Saturday, November 02, 2013

Constant Change is the New Normal

Change stinks!

I've never been one to embrace constant change.  I like to find my rhythm in life and keep on with it.  No drastic changes - just an even keel pace.

But that can be problematic.  After a while, it becomes easy to remain in that rhythm with all its familiarities and I can find myself relying upon me.  There isn't anything that challenges me to think outside the box or accept help from others.  My rhythm is simply that - mine.  No need for others...and sadly, no need for God.

However, this rhythm I am on here in Brazil is unlike anything else I've experienced.  It is a constant change creating a "new normal" in my life.  One day the rhythm is as quiet as the gently lapping ocean waves upon the sand.  The next day the rhythm is more of a "perfect storm" raging about.  Each morning I have no idea what I am waking up to.  And even if the morning starts out quiet and peaceful, things could drastically change the moment work begins.

Please don't think I'm talking about the storms as bad experiences.  That's not what I mean.  The storms are more about things that shake me out of my comfort zone and challenge me to new perspectives.  It's more about opening myself up to things God places before me and allowing myself to be changed and formed into something new by my Creator.  The old has to be refined into something new so that I can shine for His Glory.

In the midst of all of this constant change, I am learning that one thing never changes - my God.  He is constant, reliable.  As I look to Him and cling to Him in all the different rhythm's of life, my faith and trust in Him goes deeper and I am beginning to embrace this constant change and create a "new normal" way of living.  A life of unexpected twists and turns in every moment and a life of faith and trust in God alone.

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