Wednesday, February 26, 2014

One year ago....

February 21, 2013:  turned in my letter for a one-year leave of absence from the GFPS District

February 22, 2014:  turned in my letter of resignation to the GFPS District

I do not have a job lined up for the next school year.  I am in the same place as I was exactly a year ago.  But last year it was a scary leap of faith.  I was terrified and I was leaning heavily upon God.  It's not any different this year.  But having watched how God works things out for the good, I have a deeper trust now.  My past experience has taught me that He is faithful and He is good.

It's a bit intimidating looking at it right now knowing that I will be moving away from Montana and Brazil...but I have such a deep residing peace in God and what He will do and how He will provide that instead of being terrified, I am resting secure in Him. 

Thoughts swirled through my head earlier today as I began thinking about the changes I will face once again.  How will I get my belongings to my new destination?  What is my timetable of events this summer?  How will I financially be able to do all this?  Many questions.  But instead of worrying and fretting, I just shrug my shoulders and say, "It'll happen how God wants it to happen".  That doesn't mean that I will just sit around and wait, expecting Him to drop it all in my lap.  No.  I will be praying, reading His Word, and listening for His still small voice so that when I sense He is directing me, I will immediately obey.  It's like last year.  He led, I obeyed and He provided.  And I trust Him to do the same again this year. 

All those questions I had regarding moving overseas...He answered.  And none of it was as scary as I imagined (darn my overactive imagination!)  So...even with questions about what will happen and how it all will look this summer, I don't have the fear I had last year.  I've learned that God is faithful.  I know that His Word is chalk full of examples of His faithfulness, but for some reason, I had to walk through it myself to be able to fully understand and trust Him at His Word.  And now, I stand strong in faith in Him, that all will work out for His glory and the way He needs it to be....not only for my move, but for my walk with Him.  Past experience has taught me that.

But...if it comes to your mind...please be praying for me that I would finish these last three months with strength and joy, and for the preparation in returning to the states and move to a new destination!!!

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Thanks for the wonderful message its so inspiring and motivating. God Bless! TheFamily