Friday, December 18, 2009

And then...

"For such a time as this..." Esther 4:14

Esther's "for such a time as this" moment came through the ways of many 'and then' moments. God carved so many intricate details in her story that when the book of Esther is dissected, it is amazing to watch it all unfold with such precision. I am in the middle of a women's Bible study and we are completing Beth Moore's Esther study. I cannot tell you how many times my jaw has dropped open saying "wow"! Everything had to have happened at an exact moment, exact second even, for it all to unfold. But leading up to it all were 'and then' moments....or steps. If you were to take the book of Esther and bullet point all the 'and then' moments it would look like steps of a Honey Do list, with each one being checked off.

Well, as I lay awake once again in the wee hours of the morning this week, I realized all the 'and then' moments God played out just to make this week occur. And I am amazed. He knew what he was doing. Was building up momentum for the culmination of His grace, His love, and His mercy to be poured out on His children.

God placed the right people, in the right situations and moments for this all to unfold. I was just one of the playing pieces doing what He asked of me. And I think of that brave young lady from my previous post and her family (and thankfully they are His children too and have been in prayer about it all with me). . And God used them and placed each of them precisely where He wanted them to save someones life. And with all the 'and then' moments, He created a "for such a time as this" story this week. It brings me to tears to think of all that has had to happen to lead up to this, but I am so thankful that God is in control, and He saved one of His little children at a time where there is still hope for healing.

If ever you wonder why things are could very well be an 'and then' moment leading up to a very pivotal moment that God has orchestrated. Keep your eye's open for those moments, and don't forget to thank Him for them, no matter how hard they may be. I know I am thanking Him each moment right now.

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