Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This week, there are so many at work who are excited for the Christmas break. And yes, I did just call it CHRISTmas Break. And I cannot blame them. I am too. Afterall, I get to escape these negative temperatures (seriously.....30 below is not my idea of fun. I like snow and all, but come on!) and retreat to sunny (cross-my-fingers) California.

But as a counselor, what I am learning is that this is not an exciting time for some. There are kids that don't really have a Christmas; however it's not those that are occupying my mind at this present time. It's those who are afraid of the break because horrible things happen when they spend too much time at home.

I can walk around the school and look into all their precious faces and it's hard to pick those kiddos out. But if you stop and look closely, you can see the fear in their eyes. It's not obvious....but it's there. And it saddens me. That the one place that should be a safe place for them, is not.

And that brings me to my title today: Courage. It amazes me how well kids can keep secrets....especially ones that shouldn't be kept. Which makes this one student so incredibly brave and couragous.

She didn't keep it in.

She spoke up.

When no one else did.

And because she did, she saved another student from a life that makes me sick to my stomach. She took that step and action was then taken to help her friend. And her friend may actually have a fearless Christmas now. The student may now be able to sleep through the night and know that they are safe from harm.

So this Christmas season, please keep this situation and this kiddo in your prayers. Life will be difficult but at least the student is now safe. And give thanks for another who was courageous enough to go against the grain.

And remember....God will win. So don't mess with Him!

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Rachel Melone said...

That just breaks my heart. Thank you for the reminder though. It's easy to forget about the precious little one's who don't have a safe place. Makes me more aware to be a "welcoming" parent to all of Caed's little friends from school. You just don't really ever know what they have to deal with, do ya. Praying for all the kids that God loves so dearly tonight...